Gain Insight and Clarity.

Walk and Talk Therapy combines the healing powers of nature and physical activity with the benefits of traditional counseling to help you move forward in life. 

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Make the Mind-Body Connection

Walk and Talk Therapy is perfect for anyone who has been feeling "stuck" and unable to move forward.  In addition to the physical and mental benefits of exercise, this unique approach to counseling sparks creative ways of thinking opening you up to new ideas. 

We will maintain a comfortable pace, without exertion, as our focus is combining these powerful modalities, not setting a personal-best time.  We'll take breaks along the way to focus our attention and allow for deeper insights.

Fur babies are welcome - because let's face it, dogs make everything better!

If you'd like to learn more about Walk and Talk Therapy in Atlanta¬†drop me an email at [email protected]¬†or¬†schedule a time to chat.