It's Never Too Late To Live Happily Ever After!

We All Need More Joy In Our Lives


Politics, violence, the seems at times like the world is falling apart.  Add in the everyday stresses of work, parenting - and all the things - and it can be pretty tough to feel joyful.

You are definitely not alone if you're feeling overwhelmed and burned out by it all. 

What we all need now is a diet - a Joy Diet!


The Joy Diet  


When we think of dieting, we think of losing – of depriving ourselves of what we want.  But did you know that the word diet comes from the Greek word diatia, which means “way of life”? 

This journey is about just that, creating a new way of life – one where you feed your soul, experience more joy and cultivate a deep and lasting sense of well-being.   

Learn how to let go of habits that lead to suffering - yep, we all have 'em - and take steps each and every day to cultivate a deep sense of calm and well-being.  All without years of therapy!  


- Create a lasting sense of calm and balance

- Experience the ripple effect of joy in your relationships 

- Bring the best version of yourself to your kids and say goodbye to Mom-guilt

- Learn emotional agility to navigate life's ups and downs with peace


Beyond happiness is an unshakable sense of well-being.  Learn how to move beyond fleeting happiness to create lasting joy. 


We all experience hardships that threaten to hijack our happiness, but when we know how to overcome the daily obstacles to joy we create a deep sense of peace.


Learn the 8 qualities that cultivate joy and create daily practices that help you navigate life's ups and downs and maintain your joy.

Start Your Joy Diet Today

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Want to experience a deep sense of peace and wellbeing but don't know where to start? 

Our Self Care Workbook is chalk-full of simple (and free!) steps you can take to nourish your mind, body and spirit in less than 15 minutes a day. 

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Are you ready for a 30-day journey that will change your life? 

Come together in a fun and supportive group of like-minded women to learn, laugh, and lift each other up on the journey to living unapologetically with joy. 


We’ll meet via Zoom once a week to learn how to create more joy in your life, and how to overcome the obstacles that often get in the way. 

In between meetings we’ll stay connected with a private Facebook group where we’ll share our wins and support each other through our challenges. 

Get ready to connect to vibrant women like you and bring on the joy!


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I use my expertise as a therapist, my passion for wellness and my own personal transformation to help women who are feeling overwhelmed and on the verge of burnout find peace and live with joy.   

As part of a vibrant and supportive community I teach growth-minded women what contributes to our experiences of joy – and suffering – and the concrete steps they can take every day to choose joy and share the best version of themselves with the world.

If you're ready to go from day after day of 'meh' to 'hell yeah!' join me on a journey of self-discovery, lasting well-being, and unapologetic joy.

And spoiler alert...we're going to have a ton of fun along the way!

Every day, every moment, we have the ability to create the life we desire.

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