The (Endless) Advice From a Tree

wellness and joy

Trees are truly amazing – a source of endless metaphors from which we can reflect, learn and grow.  Consider these unique aspects of trees and reflect on your own life. 


Trees are one of the easiest ways for us to learn the importance of reciprocity – the natural way of the world.  Without their life-giving oxygen we could not live on this planet.  And in a beautiful cycle of giving and receiving our CO2 provides trees with the fuel they need to grow and thrive.   

How does reciprocity show up in your life – where are these beautiful examples of the flow of give and take?  And are there any areas of your life that have become too heavily weighted towards giving or taking?  


Deep, strong roots help the tree to endure the storms that inevitably come.  Not only do a tree’s roots provide a stable anchor for the tree, but they also pull in the life-giving nutrients the tree needs to continue to survive. 

When you consider your roots what are they anchored into?  What are you absorbing into your life, is it nourishing and helping you thrive.  Take a moment to consider your core values, when we live in alignment with our values, we have a sturdy foundation that can help us weather the toughest of storms.   



To get through storms the tree’s deep roots act as an anchor allowing the top of the tree to sway and bend and literally go with the flow of wind.  These two elements work together in graceful concert with each other.   

How does flexibility show up in your life – are there areas in your life where you could be more flexible?  Do you allow yourself to be strong enough to bend? And do you trust your roots to anchor you safely? 



The deep roots and a sturdy, yet flexible trunk create the perfect environment for the tree to expand and reach out in every direction.  However, for the tree to survive and avoid toppling over the graceful branches of a tree must maintain some semblance of balance. 

Is your life balanced – are the branches, or various aspects of your life working together?  Far too many of us realize our life feels far from balanced.  We spend far too much of our time and energy at work painfully aware that we are neglecting the very things we value most – friends, family, health and wellness.   



Trees are a visual reminder to us of the continual transformation that is life.  From the exciting blossoms of spring to the leafy lushness of summer, through the colorful explosion of fall to the barren branches of winter – life goes on.  While we prefer some seasons more than other, each one is necessary and through each the tree endures. 


Take a moment today to really appreciate a tree, the strength, the flexibility, the resilience.  What lessons do these majestic wonders hold for you?  Hugs are encouraged, but of course always optional.